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Can someone tell me what font this is?

12/10/2012 à 19:06

I know what font the slogan is but need help with the logo..Thanks

Can someone tell me what font this is?

Police identifiée

Eurostile Medium Extended  Suggérée par Heron2001 

12/10/2012 à 19:11

Logo is in Eurostile - a commercial font.

And didn't I see this here earlier today? But a larger sample?
Police identifiée : Eurostile Medium Extended

12/10/2012 à 19:12

Exactly. A bad, ugly, enlarged, jpeg sample. I'm scared just thinking about it.

12/10/2012 à 19:14

and someone gave her/him Square 721 as an answer? What happened... lol

12/10/2012 à 19:16

Sorry about the ugly jpeg...that's the only sample I had which is why I wanted to know what the font was so I could redo it! The guy that owns the company is having me do a site for him. Thanks

Will I need to purchase this font?

12/10/2012 à 19:17

Yes you will - unless you or your client already have it for use.

12/10/2012 à 19:17

Yes and also Eurostile in the commments. You know, so SashiX can't argue.

12/10/2012 à 19:19

I thought I had seen it - I looked for it when I saw this - but this person only has "1" down next to their name.

Smart btw - glad we stuck both names in again...

12/10/2012 à 19:20

Thank you

12/10/2012 à 20:18

Yeah, why not Square 721 Bold Extended? These cases, IMHO, shouldn't be marked in green with first suggestion. I know these fonts quite well, but even I, at that size, can't tell you which is which

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