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which font is this.

29/05/2010 à 02:05

Any idea what this font is, it's from the 80's Dodge boys/girls have more fun promotion.

which font is this.

Police suggérée

Black Chancery  Suggérée par elzadra 

30/05/2010 à 21:44

Probably a Mix
Daniela has the "Dodg" and the "i_ls" parts

r looks like Zapf Chancery Med
along with "have more fun"

no clue for the G
could be hand modified
but seems like a lot of work for that stuff!

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31/05/2010 à 01:04

Thanks for your reply. I think I'll just find something that's close

29/09/2015 à 10:42

Police suggérée : Black Chancery

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