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what's this FONT???

21/01/2011 à 15:57

I cannot find this font I have gone through 5k fonts and nothing. Tekker is close so is Serpentine DBol but, not exact. Please help

what's this FONT???

Police identifiée

Crillee Extra Bold Italic LET  Suggérée par rocamaco 

21/01/2011 à 16:15

I think the font is "Crillee Extra Bold Italic LET"...
Police identifiée : Crillee Extra Bold Italic LET

21/01/2011 à 16:33

Thanks!! Do you know where i can get the font for free? I have this font but not bold italic

21/01/2011 à 16:35

No, it's a strictly payment font, I'm sorry...

21/01/2011 à 16:49

okay thanks for your help

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