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Is this a dingbat?

18/05/2010 à 16:43

Is this some kind of dingbat font? cos i see this alot :s if someone knows what it is or how to do it, then please help me thank you very much!

Is this a dingbat?

Ce n'est probablement pas une police

Polices suggérées

Curly Brushes  Suggérée par damz 
Ornaments  Suggérée par vinz 

18/05/2010 à 23:15

probably not a font, it's more like photoshop brushes:
Police suggérée : Curly Brushes

19/05/2010 à 09:16

or more probably vector stock
Police suggérée : Ornaments

Édité le 19/05/2010 à 09:20 par vinz

19/05/2010 à 14:00

this is definately a photoshop brush. i have seen it on

20/05/2010 à 02:15

there's also tutorials on how to make em by hand in Illustrator.

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