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Help please. What's the name of the font? Thanks!

07/05/2012 à 04:20

Help please. What's the name of the font? Thanks!

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Sherlock Script  Suggérée par Sneggleblech 
Handwritten Sherlock Holmes  Suggérée par c.pancho 

07/05/2012 à 04:48

I'm 99% sure it's not a font. Look at the two lowercase o's and e's - they're different.

07/05/2012 à 05:03

I see. Do you have any font suggestion that is close to this? Thanks!

07/05/2012 à 05:13



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07/05/2012 à 05:19

Great! Thank you so much!

07/05/2012 à 05:19

too familiar

20/09/2012 à 20:18

Handwritten Sherlock Holmes font based on the SH09 end credits. I made this for fun and practice, and thought I’d share. Feel free to use it in your fanworks.
Police suggérée : Handwritten Sherlock Holmes

23/09/2012 à 06:14

The source is not mine.
All crédtidos are:

I'm just trying to help!

10/10/2016 à 23:28

Police suggérée : Sherlock Script

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