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What Font is This?

02/05/2012 à 04:26

What's the font for the word "Jessica"?
Thanks ahead of time!

What Font is This?

Police identifiée

Myriad Light  Suggérée par SashiX 

02/05/2012 à 04:50

Police identifiée : Myriad Light

02/05/2012 à 05:32

I do not own Myriad Light.

02/05/2012 à 05:42

Adobe products comes with some fonts (of 40 in total) from Pro collection.

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02/05/2012 à 18:54

Myriad semibold is the bold of Myriad Pro Light. and Myriad Pro Light is the light Myriad Pro Light.

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02/05/2012 à 19:49

They (Adobe) have 4 types (no-name, aka normal, etc; condensed; semi-condensed; semi-extended) and 5 styles for each type (actually 10, if we add italic version of each style: light, regular, semibold, bold, black). I have done some tests (in Corel), and, for example, Myriad Pro Light in bold will be more bold than normal Myriad Pro (regular).

EDIT: in PS, Light version forced to bold is less bold than regular/normal version. Don't forget that PS will force any font to bold, while Corel don't do that, i.e. not all fonts can be forced to bold.

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