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13/03/2012 à 01:27

Whats the font for the stop at nothing text?


Police identifiée

Knockout No. 30 Junior Welterweight  Suggérée par NOTJORDANWALKER 

Polices suggérées

Knockout-HTF50-Welterweight  Suggérée par NOTJORDANWALKER 
Bebas  Suggérée par Gabilo7 

13/03/2012 à 01:42

You could have searched first. You answer is not but a few clicks away.
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13/03/2012 à 12:23

Police suggérée : Knockout-HTF50-Welterweight

13/03/2012 à 21:39

Isn't Bebas but it looks so much alike.
Police suggérée : Bebas

14/03/2012 à 10:04

It isn't Bebas, it's been identified before as Knockout-HTF50. I have no idea why it's been down voted...

14/03/2012 à 10:04

14/03/2012 à 10:40

Because what's been identified previously was another source. The sample here isn't Knockout No 50.

14/03/2012 à 11:57

It's a thiner varient. Just noticed.

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