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Drafting/Architecture Font (similar to Adobe Tekton & Graphite)

02/12/2019 à 09:23

I have several images from older CAD drawings that use a typeface very similar to Adobe Tekton (which is also similar to Adobe Graphite).

I've tried every typeface identification tool without success. I've also searched google-images and every font site I could find, using keywords like:
"engineering" or "architecture" or "drafting"

The big difference with my sample-specimen, it uses very justified/aligned lines at the baseline/top-line
the rounded, non-aligned versions in Tekton/Graphite.

To appreciate the difference, see capital letters B, P, R, D.

The sample typeface is more readable, clean, and has more of an "architectural" feel. These attributes have a lot of value architectural drawings/plans.

Thank you in advance for any insight / ideas!

Drafting/Architecture Font (similar to Adobe Tekton & Graphite)

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Architxt  Suggérée par FontFanaticFL 

16/03/2020 à 09:25

I eventually found the answer myself. I'm replying to my original post in the event it helps someone else in the future...

The original font was the Architxt.SHX font included with AutoCAD. Someone has created an Architxt.TTF version of this font that can be found online.

The Architxt.TTF font matches the text in the same image I included above, although it is only offered in a single line-weight that is a bit heavier than the text shown in this image.
Police suggérée : Architxt

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