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fonts are not showing up after submitting


31/03/2012 à 00:54

daaams a dit  
samuraijacksgirl4ever grow up please

Seriously! Gimme a break!

31/03/2012 à 03:16

@Jaynz: What is recursion?
@koeiekat: How did you do this?

06/04/2012 à 23:21

Is there a point to actually answering your questions?

07/04/2012 à 00:05

Not really. Unless, of course, when you are addicted to ignorance - an ignoholic

07/04/2012 à 00:10

What the... What is recursion? Anyone know? I guess I'll have to try FontForge. If that doesn't do for me, I'm not making ANY of my own fonts, & I need to contact DaFont & tell them this "I verified several fonts that didn't exist here before. Why weren't they reviewed at all? Does the submit option only accept fonts made by someone themselves?"

07/04/2012 à 09:22

At least, now we have the evidence that the radioactive cloud of Chernobyl went all over the USA.

08/04/2012 à 02:12

Then how can I submit my own fonts, when I don't have any software that has an import image option & allows you to save without buying a license?!?!? They're probably nonexistent here.

08/04/2012 à 09:42

... and there ... and everywhere ... lucky us ... the world saved from more useless rubbish ...

08/04/2012 à 09:52

I'm out of this, I might get a brain tumor if I continue reading a 12 years old's rubbish. I love how children want to change the world today, like have bigger avatars on dafont, etc. Did you know she also wants to fight Youtube which doesn't allow copyrighted content to be uploaded ?

08/04/2012 à 10:10

12 I figured 3.

09/07/2012 à 04:25

Hey everyone!!!
I'm new here and I'm just trying to find help about DaFont's email notification.

Well, I've done the font by myself at, but when I submitt my font, NOTHING HAPPENS! And I have friends that have uploaded their FontStruct creations here and they are been downloaded by others...

But I suspect my problem may be the name of my font, because there's a commercial font named "Abigail", and mine is "Marcelle, Abigail Dip" (when I choose the name, I didn't know about the commercial one!)

You can see my font here:

Thanks and sorry for any English mistake, because I'm not a native speaker!

09/07/2012 à 09:35

You just have to wait a little bit for fonts to be reviewed, as you have just submitted your fonts today

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