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What is the title of this FONT ?

21/04/2010 à 10:27

Does anyone know the name of this Font?

What is the title of this FONT ?

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Police identifiée

TF Avian  Suggérée par Rodolphe 

21/04/2010 à 11:01

There used to be here a font called The Aeroplane Flies High and that is still available everywhere,
but it appeared that it's a rip-off TF Avian.
Police identifiée : TF Avian

21/04/2010 à 11:13

Thak you friend...

21/04/2010 à 12:22

this link not free and very exspensive.....

21/04/2010 à 12:27

(that's why I talked about The Aeroplane Flies High above)

11/04/2012 à 09:26

A simmilar font is called Stingray and is available on Dafont.

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