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Can anyone describe this font format?

08/11/2010 à 13:03

In the video game "Morrowind" there is a font called "Magic Cards". This font is available on the internet (on, as well). What I'm interested in is what the font file format is called.

It appears as though each font comes with two files:
Magic_Cards_Regular.fnt (15kb)
Magic_Cards_Regular_0_Lod_A.tex (257kb)

What I need is a description of what type of format they are and where I can find more information. What I'm really after is a programming library that will convert it to a different font format, but I'd settle for just knowing what it is first.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

08/11/2010 à 13:11

On daFont, Magi Cards is one flie TTF.

09/11/2010 à 02:40

I know, however I am not interested in the TTF format, since information about it is widely available. I need to know what kind of font files the ones I listed are, and how to open and manipulate them.

09/11/2010 à 02:50

source :

FNT file are formats for Microsoft Windows font files are defined for both raster and vector fonts. Generic font file used by Microsoft Windows; may contain a single raster or vector font; typically stored in the system Fonts folder; they may not look exactly the same onscreen and on paper. Most FNT files have been replaced by TrueType (.TTF) and OpenType (.OTF) fonts.
Open FNT file on Windows :
* Edit with VSoft Font

source :

LaTeX is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. It is most often used for medium-to-large technical or scientific documents but it can be used for almost any form of publishing.

09/11/2010 à 09:22

FNT is the old font format of Windows (in 80's) for Windows 3 or befor. It's no more used. From Windows 3.1, the TTF format replace FNT.

TEX is a text editor (free source) creating text in code format (like HTML). But I'm not sure that the extention of font files is TEX (I think is .GF )

21/03/2012 à 20:55

Hmmm... I realize this is an old posting, but in case anybody else ends up here from Morrowind font work, I submit the following:

If you just want to create new fonts for Morrowind, I created this tool:

Along the way, I developed some insight into the font format I can provide code if desired.

(On a side note, Greendogo : are you also on the DaggerXL forums? Have we already talked about this elsewhere since you posted this here?)

21/03/2012 à 23:03

Hey DigitalMonk, yes, it is me, Greendogo the magnificent! I think I asked this question on behalf of the OpenMW community when they didn't know how they were going to get around the copyright on the fonts (TTF versions of those fonts exist, but are copyrighted so distribution with the game is not an option with the OpenMW project).

The project changed management since 2010, and I think they may have figured out how to open Morrowind's native font. I'll go ask.

Edit: It looks like PVDK figured it out and even referenced your tool in order to do so. This information is from last year, so maybe his progress experienced regression since then.

Edit 2: Also, I'm unsure if we have talked about this elsewhere. Maybe!?

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21/03/2012 à 23:12

Cool. I know someone from OpenMW contacted me, and I was glad to help, 'coz I'd like to see that project happen as much as I would DaggerXL. The format is relatively easy, just takes some binary twiddling to read it out. The TEX file is basically a raw Alpha map, and the FNT file describes the location of the bounding rectangle and baseline for each glyph -- with the added oddity that the glyph numbers are from some particular OEM "ANSI" encoding from back in the DOS days (only relevant when you get to the non-English glyphs)

21/03/2012 à 23:18

Awesome, I love it when people know how do to stuff. I'll make sure he gets in contact with you if he still needs some information.

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