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Help with this one please

15/09/2015 à 19:41

Hi, could anyone identify this font please?

Help with this one please

Police identifiée

Fresh Italic  Suggérée par jerseygirl 

Police suggérée

Serpentine Sans Bold Oblique  Suggérée par donshottype 

15/09/2015 à 21:00

Serpentine Sans ICG Bold Oblique would work if narrowed without reducing boldness, and crossbars raised on _E_ and _F_ and lowered on _P_
Police suggérée : Serpentine Sans Bold Oblique

15/09/2015 à 21:41

Yes, it will definately be the solution, if I can't find the exact font. Thank you

16/09/2015 à 00:12

Police identifiée : Fresh Italic

Édité le 16/09/2015 à 02:14 par jerseygirl

16/09/2015 à 07:47

Thank you a lot jerseygirl!

16/09/2015 à 19:08

The author of the Fresh fonts, Ben Balvanz, explains the design of a sister font
His commnets would also seem to apply to Fresh Italic

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