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font identification request

16/04/2011 à 08:33

Can smb help me with the name of this font?
Thanks in advance!

font identification request

Police identifiée

Distress  Suggérée par rocamaco 

16/04/2011 à 10:12

Police identifiée : Distress

16/04/2011 à 11:04

Thanks a lot!
The next step will be to find out how to add that shadow.

16/04/2011 à 12:01

Do you mean this part?:

If so:
1) Make a shape behind the text with any color you want (in this case black)
2) Lower the opacity of the shape so you can see through it, but still see difference between the normal part and the part with the shape

16/04/2011 à 13:11

I do not manage to find out this opacity tool(maybe you can tell me the program that you use).
Thanks a lot for your support! You are really great!

16/04/2011 à 14:53

Well, the program I use is Photoshop CS5, but in every version of Photoshop the opacity is able to be found. If you tell me what program you use, I might be able to help you further...

16/04/2011 à 15:21

I use GIMP for writing text on pics.

16/04/2011 à 15:26

Look at this topic, hope that helps! (I never used GIMP, so...)

18/04/2011 à 18:02

Thanks a lot for your support!

14/05/2011 à 18:05

Can you tell how you create that transparent background with Photoshop? I found on internet only how to do the text transparent.
Thanks in advance!

14/05/2011 à 19:31

Create a new rectangular, filled with black shape. Then change "Opacity" to 30% for example.

15/05/2011 à 19:01

Thanks a lot!
Can you tell me how to change the colour of the shape? I cannot find the solution.

15/05/2011 à 19:36

Go to the rectangle tool, and in the toolbar in the upper part of the screen, there is color.

15/05/2011 à 22:08

It works now! Thanks,man!

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