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Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid Font

16/04/2011 à 04:24

I was wondering if anyone knew the font they use in their identity (logo) and their subtitle in this example. What font do they use for their logo, subtitle and packaging?

Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid Font

Polices suggérées

Proxima Nova ExtraCondensed Bold  Suggérée par ITellYa 
Avenir Next Condensed  Suggérée par AnnaSyme 

16/04/2011 à 12:21


27/06/2015 à 23:44

The Band-Aid logo was designed by Kevin Dresser at Dresser Johnson.

25/11/2019 à 17:21

If you’re using Pro Create to make the font, Avenir Next Condensed in bold works nicely, adjust the kerning.
Police suggérée : Avenir Next Condensed

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