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Need both fonts please

25/04/2013 à 17:11

Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the cruddy image... Barwick kind of looks like Century Schoolbook Bold, but the tail on the "a" is different, and the character heights are off... :( Help....

Need both fonts please

Édité le 25/04/2013 à 18:25 par drf_

Police identifiée

Eurostile Bold Extended #2  Suggérée par scotrinaf 

Police suggérée

Clarendon Bold  Suggérée par millner 

25/04/2013 à 18:20

Police suggérée : Clarendon Bold

25/04/2013 à 19:31

Thanks! Perfect! Any ideas on the USA??

25/04/2013 à 20:43

Phew, found it...
Police identifiée : Eurostile Bold Extended #2

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