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Miss_princess  27/11/2006
dat is 1 wkd fnt hehe well gud xmwahx
Smartypantz  09/10/2007
Yo miss princess... What the heck is so frigging wicked about it?
SoFonty  23/09/2008
i think this is nice
NikkiTrickie  09/11/2009
So its says that its free but I am trying to use it in indesign for just a class assignment and it wont let me put it in a pdf.
mianakitty  09/10/2011
It's very cute... I've been using it for years.. Thank you for making it Free for all purposes. Thank you very much... :D
pillsnermonkey  28/08/2012
This is a cool font. There are some issues though. For example: spaces appear between letters on the 'lightbar' border; top and bottom. You can even see this in the font example above...there's an inconsistency in the leading space before the "S" in "Showtime" ... also the "M" seems gunked up and there's another inconsistency in the trailing space after the "E" in "Showtime" A little Photoshop can help fix that up but with my (lack of) PS skills that means near pixel by pixel manipulation before the image is ready for publishing. Does anyone know if these issues have ever been addressed? Thanks Author. It is a cool font. 4/5
artfirms  11/11/2013
Thank you so much for allowing us to use this awesome font! I used it on a book cover, and it looks great.
byrd2599  26/03/2014
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful font.
Big Papa McC  02/08/2014
Use [ brackets ] for rounded ends, to connect them all without spaces use_the_underscore.
michaelbarsk  05/02/2016
Is this ok to dowload for commercial use?
Since it says 100% free? !
raphael zambotti  13/04/2017
não gostei porque ela não tem a curvinha na fonte. Vocês poderiam melhorar isso? grato
BandiKoot36  17/10/2020
Hey there Randy Ford, BandiKoot36 from Bethlehem Co here. I love this font, excellent job!

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