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michiel_terpelle  27/03/2009
This is one of my most favorite free handwriting fonts. It's perfect for signatures.
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   28/03/2009
Thanks for saying so!
chiaroscurist  28/03/2009
Hey Michael,
All your fonts are really kewl... Waiting for the other two you've told me about...
cullenism  07/05/2009
lovely, it kinda reminds me of my handwriting :)
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   08/05/2009
Thank you very much.
supermanfan85  04/07/2009
is it ok if i use this font for my business? thought i would ask first :D
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   06/07/2009
supermanfan85: feel free to use this for your business, thanks for asking. Could you send me some digital samples of the font in use? Thanks.
UICC  18/09/2009
Nice Font! Is it alright I use this for an educational/non-profit organization?
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   20/09/2009
UICC: feel free to use this font for anything you want. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it. Enjoy.
ANathalie  07/10/2009

This is the 1st I'm doing that I'll need your help :)

My boss would like to use your font for a seminar (for the messaging).

May you please tell what are your terms and conditions?

Thank you

michiel_terpelle  19/01/2010
Ah, this is the update we've been waiting for. Thanks man!
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   19/01/2010
Michie_Terpelle, you’re very welcome, it was one of my first fonts. I have learned a ton since then. Enjoy.
michiel_terpelle  06/02/2010
I saw this font used on the Simpsons :D
MEL-xo  10/02/2010
Hey, i really like this font! Would it be possible for me to use it for a college assignment im doing, which is to create a website?
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   10/02/2010
MEL-xo: no problem, good luck with the web site!
hanoded  11/02/2010
Thanks for your comment Michael! And I love this font!
onlyuki  10/07/2010
Hey, I want to ask something
I have downloaded this but I can't extract it. It said that the file is broken or unknown format. Can you help me on this problem? Many thanks :)
GemmaPetherbridge  28/08/2010
Hi is it ok if I use this font in my craft business?
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   15/09/2010
onlyuki: I will email the font file. Not sure what is causing your issue though.

GemmaPetherbridge: Of course you can, thanks for asking. If you feel inclined you can use the Donate to Author button and make a contribution. But you do not have to. Cheers.
SloanePeterson  02/03/2014
This is a gorgeous font. Thinking about using it on my blog. I will donate if I do.
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   09/04/2014
Thanks SloanePeterson!
beankins  22/04/2014
Mtension, Prophecy is a MASTERPIECE! I'm so happy to have stumbled across it. It's the perfect font however, some crucial symbols are missing. Any chance you might add some like %, £, €, [], {}, |, <>, ~, ^. Are you going to include them?
dollie_z  18/06/2015
Hi, I love this font. Is it okay to use it as part of my business logo? I'll make a small donation if that is fine. Thanks so much!
mtension  auteur de Prophecy Script   01/09/2015
dollie_z that sounds great :)

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