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michiel_terpelle  27.03.2009
This is one of my most favorite free handwriting fonts. It's perfect for signatures.
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   28.03.2009
Thanks for saying so!
chiaroscurist  28.03.2009
Hey Michael,
All your fonts are really kewl... Waiting for the other two you've told me about...
cullenism  07.05.2009
lovely, it kinda reminds me of my handwriting :)
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   08.05.2009
Thank you very much.
supermanfan85  04.07.2009
is it ok if i use this font for my business? thought i would ask first :D
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   06.07.2009
supermanfan85: feel free to use this for your business, thanks for asking. Could you send me some digital samples of the font in use? Thanks.
UICC  18.09.2009
Nice Font! Is it alright I use this for an educational/non-profit organization?
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   20.09.2009
UICC: feel free to use this font for anything you want. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it. Enjoy.
ANathalie  07.10.2009

This is the 1st I'm doing that I'll need your help :)

My boss would like to use your font for a seminar (for the messaging).

May you please tell what are your terms and conditions?

Thank you

michiel_terpelle  19.01.2010
Ah, this is the update we've been waiting for. Thanks man!
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   19.01.2010
Michie_Terpelle, you’re very welcome, it was one of my first fonts. I have learned a ton since then. Enjoy.
michiel_terpelle  06.02.2010
I saw this font used on the Simpsons :D
MEL-xo  10.02.2010
Hey, i really like this font! Would it be possible for me to use it for a college assignment im doing, which is to create a website?
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   10.02.2010
MEL-xo: no problem, good luck with the web site!
hanoded  11.02.2010
Thanks for your comment Michael! And I love this font!
onlyuki  10.07.2010
Hey, I want to ask something
I have downloaded this but I can't extract it. It said that the file is broken or unknown format. Can you help me on this problem? Many thanks :)
GemmaPetherbridge  28.08.2010
Hi is it ok if I use this font in my craft business?
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   15.09.2010
onlyuki: I will email the font file. Not sure what is causing your issue though.

GemmaPetherbridge: Of course you can, thanks for asking. If you feel inclined you can use the Donate to Author button and make a contribution. But you do not have to. Cheers.
SloanePeterson  02.03.2014
This is a gorgeous font. Thinking about using it on my blog. I will donate if I do.
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   09.04.2014
Thanks SloanePeterson!
beankins  22.04.2014
Mtension, Prophecy is a MASTERPIECE! I'm so happy to have stumbled across it. It's the perfect font however, some crucial symbols are missing. Any chance you might add some like %, £, €, [], {}, |, <>, ~, ^. Are you going to include them?
dollie_z  18.06.2015
Hi, I love this font. Is it okay to use it as part of my business logo? I'll make a small donation if that is fine. Thanks so much!
mtension  Autor von Prophecy Script   01.09.2015
dollie_z that sounds great :)

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