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Neon 80s

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twinriver  04/12/2010
This also resembles the Dodge Neon logo.
magentaka  04/03/2012
hi I would like to use it in a commercial work - is it allowed?
JoaoRoberto  25/07/2014
fonte do the noite :)
shaun105  20/01/2015
what does fonte do the noite mean ? haha
Rumanti  19/04/2015
Really cool. Love the "e"s.
martincwy  09/09/2015
HI... I would like to know if you will allow it. i using this front for my logo
Amie5049123  20/10/2015
Miitchi  03/11/2015
Sweet font dudes! Love it 10/10. Wish I could get married to it aha ha ha aha.
tgard69  05/02/2017
I would like to use this font in my business logo.
Can you lease let me know if you will allow it or what I need to do so you will allow it.?
rszabo  10/07/2017
I'd like to use this font in a logo for business. Please let me know if it is allowed
banksyyy  30/08/2017
Hi, I'd like to use this for some commercial work in a t-shirt design? Is this possible? Regards
DPMT3  19/09/2017
Hola we like to use this Font for commercial Work - please let me know if this is possible!
Kksam  22/08/2018
can you please let me know if i can use this font for a logo?
nalia.21  23/12/2018
Bonjour, je souhaiterais exploiter la typo Neon 80s, pour un logo.
Pouvez-vous me donner les conditions pour pouvoir exploiter cette typographie ?
Stephen K  auteur de Neon 80s   26/02/2019
Thanks for all the love on this font. For those inquiring about commercial use, you can purchase liceses directly from my webshop (
Marta Raad Dantas  12/03/2020
Hi, I would like to use this font in my Logo. How can I donation?

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