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SoFonty  03/09/2008
simple and cute
x--Aliceee  16/10/2008
This one is Alot better then your newer one. I Love this, i will be using this one alot, with credit of corse
fueradecconttrol  25/02/2009
No puedo usar la letra :S cuando la descarge no me dejo ni abrirla ni usarla
RAWR.  08/07/2010
love it. wizzah чou are WICKED.
musicgirl  18/04/2012
wizzah, you are the font master! and please make more fonts!!!!! I love all of your fonts, especially YUMMAH STRAWBERRIEZ. I have a question: do you use a Mac and how do you Scan your handwritten font into the computer and publish it to ? Please reply me and tell me what to do because my bro wants to make a font and IDK how!!!!

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