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davidmx  05/08/2022
Hi, I choosed your police for a logo.
I've red the license and all, but in fine, I don't understand if it's really free to use. The logo will be use in Togo for a grocery.

Thanks for your answer,
best regards

Hi Philipp H. Poll,
I choose your font Linux Biolinum, and I would like to use it for a logo (for a fashion brand) so it will be use to make labels etc on accessories that will be sold. Before to go ahead I would like to be sure that I can use it. I've red the licences but is not clear at all. I try to go on your web site ( but I can't find any contact to write you so I'm texting here.

Thank you for your answer
All the best

markushoppe  27/03/2023
Would love to use this font and linux libertine for commercial use, it is such a great font!
Read your licences and all but im still not quite sure ... A short answer would be great. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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