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ertancn  09/04/2015
Utilisateur supprimé 847068  28/04/2015
awesome !
adamtrons  31/01/2017
Is it just me or do the letters "M" and "N" look clipped off at the top? Not sure if they are supposed to be that way or if there is a formatting issue with the font? It is a beautiful font but would be curious to learn if these letters are being displayed the way the artist intended.

Olivier Lemarketing  29/05/2017
This font has just becoming a reference.
becky081577  23/08/2017
how do yo get that swirl thing to appear at the bottom of the word? mine has it after the word not below
MAWNS  auteur de Krinkes   23/08/2017
Use 0-9 for swashes. Example: Krinkes7
HSD  08/10/2022
Thank you so much you are very talented
Irfanshahzad  26/01/2023
cahoihop  24/02/2024
so nice font. thank you verymuch
ramaanfound  18/07/2024
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