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Vhesi  26/09/2020
I downloaded this font but where are the swashes?
eleni m  28/09/2020
how do you add the swashes and the heart ?
sarahlynn21  06/10/2020
Love this font! Can I use for commerical? Please let me know Thank you!
tonigleason  11/10/2020
How do I add the heart?
CraftQueen  17/10/2020
In Silhouette Studio you click on joseph sophia font then click on glyphs. The heart is there along with other glyphs. I am so excited!! Love this font.
Cnf2018  20/10/2020
How do I get the heart and swoops
monicole82  20/10/2020
how to you add the swashes and connected heart?
fargunstudio  auteur de Joseph Sophia   31/10/2020
Hi There,
This demo font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

Link to purchase full version and commercial license:

Thank you!
Specky1717  01/12/2020
I love this font, but how do I add the heart and swashes?
michele g  18/01/2021
I wanted to use this font on a gift for my husband, how do I get the heart and swashes?
Busybeekid  24/01/2021
By "not available for commercial use" is it ok to use this font for a post on Instagram? (I have a fanpage and do picture edits)
montes20  06/02/2021
How do I add the swashes and connected heart?
dilectus  05/03/2021
The creator of this font wants donations but gives zero explanation of how to make the heart. This just pisses me off.
Bschmidt123  31/03/2021
Fargunstudio I followed the link and purchased the full version but I do not see the hearts. Can you help? I really like this font.
KDCustoms  11/04/2021
For all of you asking about the hearts and swatches, go to

Purchase it for the $7 it costs, instead of getting upset about a free font not including glyphs. Support the artist! The glyphs are shown on creative fabrica. You’ll have to go into your computer settings to use the glyphs.
danima  28/05/2021
Love this font! Can I use for commerical? Please let me know info@tortenbilder-online. Thank you!
DMarsden77  04/06/2021
i paid for this font on
and i STILL can't get the swashes and hearts to work ...what am I doing wrong?!
carlanoara  08/06/2021
I bought the commercial version!! why didn't you come with the heart? and the letters that have the longest line??? #angry #solveplease

my email
carlanoara  08/06/2021
I bought the commercial version!! why didn't you come with the heart? and the letters that have the longest line??? #angry #solveplease

my email
rafasantos555  01/07/2021

Open Windows Character Map (search it on the taskbar)

Select the Font Josephsophia, it will show all the swashes and hearts. Double-click on the one you want, it will show on the editbox bellow, copy and paste where you want.
fargunstudio  auteur de Joseph Sophia   02/08/2021
How To Access Hearts & Alternate Characters from Joseph Sophia Script Font Using Photoshop
rebtalbott  02/08/2021
I love this font, but don't want the hearts to dot the "i"s and "j"s. Is there a way to get this font without the hearts on the letters? Or is there a similar font that would accomplish this for me? Thank you.
Fargun Studio, your explanations are unacceptable.
When people download a font on dafont they expect it works on any program, not on photoshop only. Also they want to get the graphic effect only typing. Not working 5 or 10 minutes on every word.
And one more deception on dafont.
sherreh81  14/08/2021
I purchased the commercial font from creativefabrica and it isn't even showing the swashes and hearts in the character map on my laptop! This is ridiculous. I want my money back. Such a waste! It looks like I got more with the free version. I am also seeing lots of Japanese/Chinese characters?
gertelkman  26/01/2022
I have bought this 2 different time, did the pua download crap and still have not seen where I can use anything for the heart and swirls. I do not have the photshop on the video to pull up the gyphs or whatever, need to have it were you type a symbol or ctrl or something, for us not that computer talented or have someone to walk you through it, I pay for it i should get to use it
Planète Silhouette  08/05/2022
Hi !
Thanks for this beautiful font.
I have SStudio Business Edition and have no problem getting all the swashes.
However, a friend of mine, bought it on Silhouette Design Store, uses the Basic Edition, and can't get it to show in the Character Map... Is it normal ?
polorico  07/06/2022
I am trying to make this work with photoshop but is there a compatibility issue? Even using glyph it does not work. Is it because I am actually using the free version?

If I purchase the commercial version will the glyphs work?
Cute  11/07/2022
josephsophia font
hello i love your font so much
here is the unicodes for the special characters

its chinese characters

you just copy it and past it into any text editor

 th /  th /  tt /  Et/  ss/  tl

if it appear like a sqaure here dont worry it will appear fine in the text editor just copy the sqaure

just remember to use the font

 s/  / /  /  a /  b /  c /  d /  e /  f/  g /« hearted>»

 i /  h/  j /  k / l../.  m../ n/ o /  p ..//.. q

just copy these chinese characters and paste it it will appear the deco you want

r/ s/  .. t/ .. u/ u/  w /  x / y / z hearted

beg tail (  a) /( a  ) end tail

 b (  b //  c //  c//  d//  d //  e // e  //-  f //  f // g- 

g // .... h //h.. ...  i// i... /// .. j /  j//
/ k  k ..../
/ l  l///l // mm
//nn /
/oo //

// ss/
// tt /
/uu //
/ vv./
/  ww
xx //

 yy /
/zz 

thanks i hope tye creator type the unicodes
in tye description or comments to just cope and paste easily
for people dont have photoshop

sorry if i made mistake
Cute  11/07/2022
here try copy this and paste it into ypur text editor

(((" ell i lovyour font so much ")))

omg this font is soo amazingg
fargunstudio  auteur de Joseph Sophia   21/07/2023
Here is a tutorial for how to take the heart characters

👉🏻 For Mac (Font Book):

👉🏻 Windows/ (Character Map):

👉🏻 Adobe Illustrator:

👉🏻 Photoshop:

👉🏻 Cricut Design Space (Windows):
LashunnaJ1  09/01/2024
I want to use it for personal use so do I have to pay anything?

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