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tyu104  04/07/2011
This is beautiful! Love your handwriting :)
heathert  14/07/2011
Fabulous font! Thanks so much for sharing!
ninjaton  15/07/2011
This is a handwriting?? So pretty though!
MissSecretStar  18/07/2011
I love it! So pretty! ♥ thank you thank you :)
Tappz_TAP  02/08/2011
Hellow would it be possible for me to use this font on a Clothing Design Please?
5754  03/09/2011
this font is very nice! would you give me permission for commercial use? please reply here or to

thanks :)
scovilzahn  12/09/2011
Very beautiful. I would also like to know if I may use this for commercial use? Feel free to respond to
nay_pittman  21/09/2011
Beautiful font, I gave you a little donation not much because I am a student. Thanks :)
jennasuedesign  auteur de Jenna Sue   02/10/2011
Hi! The font is 100% free for commercial use, so please use however you wish :) -Jenna Sue
sometimes aislinn  02/10/2011
This is so cute! :) Keep it up!
divz27  11/10/2011
Love this font so much! I ended up using it for the front page of my online magazine! Thanks Jenna!
songtaeil  24/10/2011
how beautiful it is! Thank you.
tomsomething  29/11/2011
Just what I needed. Thanks!
carmencardoza  30/11/2011
Thank you. This is a lovely font.
helza6  24/12/2011
Thank you so much for making this 100% free for everything. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to not stress about licensing. Thank you again, your work is wonderful.
secruoser  06/01/2012
Amazing font Jenna! Thank you so much for this, with the license free to top it up!
lilchef  10/01/2012
Just wanted to say me and my twin sister got tattoos in this font, we love it! xoxo
kreativtheme  07/02/2012
seems like the handmade fonts are pretty popular here ... amazing work Jenna!
Shanna-Kaye  20/02/2012
your awesome! Thanks for letting me use it commerically-i design logos and I know someone will love your font!

Its beautiful :)
ModBlackmoon  21/04/2012
thank you very much! extremely usefull. much more usefull than 80% of those expensive commercial fonts.
aubree.brown  29/04/2012
hi there! great do you do the little heart???
jennasuedesign  auteur de Jenna Sue   30/04/2012
aubree, it's the ^ key (above the 6).
aubree.brown  02/05/2012
great, thank you so much!
bossy color  12/06/2012
Thank you for such a terrific font. We've used it on our webiste:!

rob@unique  25/06/2012
Great font. We used it on a cartoon/infographic online and it fit perfectly.
Anna-Lena Johansson  27/06/2012
I have been searching everywhere for the perfekt font for the magazine I am designing. And now it seems like I have found it! There is just one problem: there is no norwegian ø. Would it be possible for you to make one? I wil gratefully pay what it cost if that is possible.
punkmei  12/07/2012
i like ...
meli1957  30/07/2012
if i could have permission to use this on an override please email me at
Loutch928  03/10/2012
Just got a tattoo this past weekend using your font!!! :) Had my daughters name, Isabella Alexis, put on the inside of my wrist along with 3 hearts for the 3 babies we have lost. It's amazing!! Thank you SO much for letting me use it!
jcegan98  26/11/2012
Love this font! downloaded and installed in microsoft... doesnt look the same at all... any suggestions?
littlebows  10/12/2012
Eleivana  29/01/2013
I saw this font on a web page and spent an hour going through all the handwritten fonts just to find it and I did! Yeah! It is so pretty and graceful. Good work!
alocdk  07/02/2013
Very nice font! Used it in a flash banner. Thank you for making it free to use :)
cari0639  13/02/2013
Very pretty font indeed - thank you very much! Like Anna-Lena from Norway (06-27-2012) I miss some letters. From the danish alphabet I miss: æ, ø and å. Would it be possible to make these?
TESSANDCLARK1  31/08/2013
Amber Alison  05/09/2013
Hi I absolutely love your font, but i cannot for the life of me download it. I want to print a phrase i want to get as a tattoo. Ive tried using google chrome, and internet explorer but i cannot get it to print my phrase or even download a usable file. Do you know what i can do???
sylvieweekend  16/11/2013
Dear Jenna Sue, I am a french designer and i would like to use your font for my brand label or to write texts on my tee-shirts. Could you confirm me that i can use your font for commercial use and it is free ?
Many thanks by advance for your answer !!
NicoAcosta  08/01/2014
I have a question, how I can print this ?
sanz67  14/02/2014
This is great... i like it
vkero  26/02/2014
Hi.. I love this font.. I'd want use it for an invitation but I'm franc and i need accentuation… Is it possible and how? Thanks for your answer.
tweet58  16/03/2014
Love the font! Is it possible to use it for commercial use? I am a photographer & would love to use it on some of my print designs. What do I need to do? Thanks!
ychiao  25/11/2014
Thank you so much. I love your fonts :) I just wanted to make sure is it ok if I use it in products that's going to be sold multiple times? Thanks :)
Jeannie.S  13/01/2015
How do I get the license for this font, in order to use versatile? please contact me to discuss further.
ccoleman813  13/01/2015
Thank you so much foor this lovely font Jenna Sue! It's so similar to my own handwriting and makes for great art!!
aj88  19/02/2015
Hello I loved the source, but I would like to know how to put the heart ,
Thank You

aboutthegoodstuff  02/06/2015
Beautiful font, love love it!!...
aj88, I had the same question as you, but then I looked at symbols, the heart is there.
you can click on insert, and go to symbols and choose the heart!! [mircosoft windows -word]

Hope it helps
aboutthegoodstuff  02/06/2015
Jenna Sue, you are amazing
kibria4  28/08/2015
Brilliant font, thank you!
Peter.dar  14/10/2015
One of the most interesting handwritten fonts I know.
Tuppus  14/12/2015
Hi Jenna,

I'm one of the other (free) font designers on this site and I thought you'd like to know that there's a girl in the newspaper today who says her logo was copied on a H&M sweater worn by Katy Perry.
It's in your font :)

It's in Dutch, but you can probably use google translate, and if you don't get it, send me a message.

cheers, Tup Wanders
zelfist  15/12/2015
Hi Jenna, I adored your font so much! I want to use it, however for Turkish keyboard ş, ç, ö and ü is missing.
Anyway to have them in the set too?
And I intend to use it in my website as the default font for the menu. I saw a link taking me to buy the website kit, is it what is intended for?
I would really appreciate if you would take the time to answer.
anniemarie  07/01/2016
Love this font. Is permission for print and video? Thanks!
lemuria  11/01/2016
Beautiful!! Really lovely font! Thanks a lot! Best wishes, A.
Tina A  13/01/2016
I love this font, but was wondering if there is a bolder version? I have been outlining the font until now.
lauprp2  22/01/2016
Hi JennaSue!

Thanks for that fantastic font, I just made a small donation, thanks for that wonderful and creative work!

jenzeanodesigns  29/01/2016
Hello! Absolutely love this font! Will you please reach out to me at giving us a written consent for using your font? Thanks in advance, seriously love this font!!
Nicole Abrazaldo  25/02/2016
Hey, I'm new so I have no idea how to use this font or site. Can someone please help me? I mean, I have downloaded it the font, if that's what I was suppose to do... I'm just using it to make a cover. Pls help.
rosagim  14/04/2016
This is gorgeous. Can you let me know if it can be used in a logo? Thanks,
jtodaro  12/05/2016
Hi Jenna Sue! I LOVE your font! I am using this for a t-shirt graphic design, it is just perfect! Thank you for making this 100% Free I am so grateful! :)
tips82  01/06/2016
Great font! Made a donation to say thank you :)
seullkk  09/09/2016
The font by distributing a 100 % free of charge.
the first album cover art for my friend.
Thank you :)
Uijoonbug  05/10/2017
Is this font still FREE for commercial use as the comment on 10/2/2011 states? I find it odd that the font description would include a link to purchase, state it is a free for personal use only font and it would still somehow be free for commercial use. This font is being shared on Facebook in a crafting group and people are being told it is FREE for COMMERCIAL use. Just want to clarify, thanks.
Fortress Tech  08/05/2018
Technically, this font is not a demo but it's a really good font. Nice handwriting!
Liliana.H  16/11/2018
Hi, I have a question. This typography "Jenna Sue" is free to use logos of a company or as a commercial use?, Thanks
greenstrategyorm  27/04/2019
Thank you for the Jenna Sue font! We'll be using it for our name on social media. We've donated 10 bucks for the use. Found that is what you were asking for on your website so... thanks again!
un.ex.pec.ted  22/05/2019
We are Bound Games.
We gonna use this typography in @skappgame
comming soon on PlayStation.
Its all pay right now!
cris98  07/12/2020
Thank You for the Jenna Sue font! Its beautiful and I plan on using it for my home crafting ideas. I donated the $10. Thanks again.
zoarabut  13/11/2021
Thank You for the Jenna Sue font! I donated the $10. Thanks again.
jbc  16/10/2022
Beautiful font! Have you thought of offering this in bold? Some of the lines are very thin.

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