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annaOMline  20/05/2008
grunge + script = cool font :) Thanks!
nancyngl  26/05/2008
AS a 55 year old font freak who loves to dabble in artwork this is absolutly beautiful! So artistic! It just may be hanging on my wall someday! Thanks so much Nancy L.
marcusdejean  30/05/2008
Suas fontes são lindas :D
Saleeka  22/06/2008
luv my name...
Aravias  28/06/2008
All of these fonts are AWESOME. I'm loving this site. =D
bate_palmas  14/07/2008
Muito bom. voce uma capoerista?
camila101  16/08/2008
cool grunge fancy and a little like a 'demented coca-cola' a modern twist in a very classic font that you've demonstarated is still keeping it's cool.
SoFonty  03/09/2008
ohmygosh this the same as dirty and classic stop the jock-age
LTurner  12/09/2008
HI, Please could you advise us if we were planning to use 3 of your fonts
in a commercial manner would you agree to a donation per font. Please can you contact me at Thanks.
Jaderulzzz  15/09/2008
its kind of a pretty font
FontFetishy  20/10/2008
How nice! im gonna make some art~
crystalprincess  03/11/2008
Um yeah the .zip file isn't working. It keeps saying "unexpected end of archive." Can someone fix this? Thanks.
puffins_malones  04/11/2008
Ive done a lot of font searches the past couple of days, and I have to say.. This is one of the best. Although, I am having some tech. problem with downloading it. Could someone please write back and let me know. I would like this font for my verse tattoo that I am getting very soon.
ayuvivian  12/11/2008
keyairea  22/11/2008
loves it:)
wmeans75  17/01/2009
Im having a little problem putting this font on myspace. Does anyone have any ideas on how to put it on there . Thanks
clsdd  06/06/2009
Have a question - can get this font to work in photoshop and Word but not AI. Any suggestions
Pi Luo  26/10/2009
lol billy argel, you are just too funny!
you actually uploaded a screenshot just for that
tecnoadicta  13/02/2012
i like
COyZAn  04/03/2012
I absolutely LOVE this font! Excellent work.
SpaceOctopus  24/12/2012
I'm commenting to warn you, among all others who were also included in this huge license violation, that this person has been redistributing, removing all readme files and licenses, acting as if it was their font and telling others they are allowed to use your font commercially. Whether or not that is true for your font, it's not true for almost all the others included in this package. People like this piss me off, so I'm just trying to let you know about this.
happyprintsshop  26/10/2013
I'm interested in using this font in a commercial logo. Will you allow this, and if so how much and where should I send the $? Thank you!
tbisetti  25/01/2014
I understand a commercial license for this font is available. How do I obtain it?
tbisetti  03/02/2014
Hi Billy Argel,
I got an email with donation price for commercial use of Ginga font saying you would mail me the paperwork for the rights to use it commercially. I am paying you through paypal through DAFONT. Please email paperwork to
adislas  25/10/2014
Hello Billy, Can you please email me with information on how much it would cost to use your font in a business logo? Thank you so much.
Nightrage  28/03/2019
Hey Billy, I‘m also interested in commercial use of your font! Email me at for contact! :)

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