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white-wolf-2.O  11/04/2011
typodermic  auteur de Electroharmonix   15/04/2011
malvolio  26/09/2012
Cool...I think my takeout place used it in their menu.
sanz67  16/02/2014
kayover  28/09/2016
Very interesting font, thanks.
geraldinecanavati  01/08/2018
I'm so thankful you put this font 100% free, it's so cool! Keep up the good work!
typodermic  auteur de Electroharmonix   03/08/2018
Thanks all!
Ahmadsmobal  26/01/2020
Can I use this font for my commercial use
typodermic  auteur de Electroharmonix   01/02/2020
Yes, it's free for commercial use. Details included with the font.
Mattiac  08/08/2020
One of the best fonts I have seen, Typodermic-san! May I modify it to add the three Swedish characters Å, Ä and Ö?
typodermic  auteur de Electroharmonix   11/08/2020
Arigatou gozaimusu. You don't need to modify it; those characters are already included.

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