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hairgirlct  02/06/2019
love this font. wish there was an option of a fill in also
docallisme  auteur de Docallisme On Street   02/06/2019
Thank you hairgirlct :)
desperatebubbles  02/10/2020
Nice! I'm using this font for a eminem cover :)
Blazzy  30/01/2021
I love this font! Iḿ using it for my chracters that im making!
Recie  10/05/2021
Great font.
Logan Roman  26/06/2021
There IS a way to fill this font. Heres the link:
Utilisateur supprimé 1486605  04/08/2021
Not a big fan of this font. Doesn't look good, the larger it gets. Bad quality!
Poderia ter opção de número, quando digita algum número só aparece AAAA, precisava do número nessa fonte

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