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Decco Disco

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neuroman  10/03/2009
Okay, Kirk - this time we're NOT GOING TO POST your precious creations to
kirksucks  auteur de Decco Disco   10/03/2009
LaurenRuth  29/03/2009
What!? Abstractfonts are 'NOT GOING TO POST your precious creations'!? The horror! Muah hah hah
kirksucks  auteur de Decco Disco   04/04/2009
as if they needed my permission.
LaurenRuth  09/04/2009
Ha ha you know! Or as they say at abstract "Pffffffffffffffffffffttttt!"

Anyways, forgive me for the frivolous comments, my original intention was to comment on your font but was distracted by the abstract comment.

Decco Disco is a totally unique font, retro and futuristic. Many of the shapes and combinations of them you selected to create your letters are original, I have never seen them done quite like this, and I would never have thought of that. Good job.

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