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SoFonty  09/09/2008
great for card decorations!!!
kiwibirdgirly  11/09/2008
is cool
mookage  22/09/2008
this is insane i like the design of it
how did you do it!
sandeepalag  28/09/2008
elegant font yaar
liddlelude  10/10/2008
This font looks great! Checked out your website too, good job, it's also looks great!
big baby  14/10/2008
LOVE IT!!!!!
gulana94  09/11/2011
I downloaded this font about a week ago. I love it its very pretty except for one small problem. Dont know why or how. But its missing 3 letters. I am missing capital I J K. Really weird.
gulana94  09/11/2011
Guess I should of looked at the file closer. The letters are missing on purpose.

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