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intoxified  21/06/2006
have been lookin for this for a long time now. thanks! :)
Utilisateur supprimé 72634  18/04/2007
this is a nice font!
Hulili  20/07/2007
Does any body know if it works - does it make scannable price tags, for example?
Fudging  24/09/2007
I wouldn't know, but I doubt it 'cause a lot more information is stored in price tags than just the numbers below it.
karinina  07/11/2007
Nifty :)
anke-art  auteur de Barcode Font   15/02/2008
It's NOT a functional Barcode font, I made it simply for design purposes.
FuzzehBud  30/12/2008
This is very good.I like to use this for credit.
LostSecrets  23/01/2009
Cool font! :)
Anthem  02/02/2009
ich bin a iare
rjskoko  19/09/2009
Try this site if you just need a graphic of a -real- bar code symbol:
domer666  11/11/2009
i love this font!! what type of font did you use under the barcode?
omnom.  13/01/2010
This is perfect for the work I'm doing at the moment. Great.

pricelessdancing  25/04/2010
Ugh this is a horrible font!! >:(

NAWH IM JK, I love it :DDDD <333 lovey dove dovee :D
John 2  12/01/2011
i think this is such a touching font it really opened my emotions up on life! i love this and i love you! shag me now! i love3 you DAFONT!
DRKXTC  17/02/2011
to the person who created this font i really like it and i am currently designing my own clothing brand and was wondering what i would need to do to be able to use it on some tshirts
Dumbfounded  22/04/2011
wow.. DRKXTC you are one dumb motherfucker, you need to layer in the information using the legit software for bar codes, you can just draw a bar code and expect it to work.....
peggy_1004  09/06/2011
it is really lovely...
LDiablo  24/10/2011
HI Do you have this application for Mac? Thanks
starmonkey77  03/12/2011
Hi Anke,

Really like the font, great work.

Have you or could you tell me the name of the font used below the barcode design, but within the font? Hope that makes sense.

Many thanks, StarMonkey :)
anke-art  auteur de Barcode Font   31/01/2012
The font underneath the barcode is part of this font and doesn't come from any extra typeface.
mobilya  17/07/2012
i will use this barcode font on my site and products thabk you very much
mobilya  17/07/2012
i will use this barcode font on my site and products thabk you very much
Burtllee  26/09/2012
A better alternative solution is the below barcode control:
Dancexoxo48  06/01/2013
Safari isn't letting me download your fonts! Please I need help I really want them on my ipad
anke-art  auteur de Barcode Font   23/01/2013
@Dancexoxo48: Sorry, but I can't give you technical assistance - please refer to an iPad forum.
arronlee  10/07/2013
Yup indeed, nice barcode font! Can you give us more tutorials on how to generate such nice barcode font in .NET? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
anke-art  auteur de Barcode Font   06/09/2013
@arronlee: I don't have the slightest idea... sorry.
rudi80  06/10/2015
Hi Anke,

we would like to use your very nice font to highlight a sentence in a public Employee-Magazine. What about your terms and conditions? Is it possible to use this font in principle? And if yes - how much do we have to donate you for your work? Nice Greets, viele Grüße Ruth
Sanoo  13/02/2016
..... Like!!
MCS-2003  22/06/2016
I use this barcode for my card shop and it works great. i have software to make them programable to work.
cevapilover  05/11/2018
@anke-art: I see this was made a long time ago hope you are doing well in life :D
ccpink  18/10/2019
Hi, is there anyway to license this font for anything other than personal use? I've emailed and messaged the author to no avail.
babiekennaaa  09/05/2020
so how do i actually use this font on my phone?!
cocoinreallife  10/07/2020
Love this ..don't let the shit in it's a great looking FonT no one said it was a freaking working barcode stop being A-hole's
waifuu  27/10/2020
wtf john 2 why would dafont shag you? thats a bit weird isnt it?
prmlscreem  27/05/2021
Hi anke-art I love this font I want to use it on t-shirts to spell out my hometown with other graphics I made a small donation will add more later thank you!
Ur mom69  09/12/2021
My friends wrist looks just like this. So detailed. Thanks
siciliano.jack  06/09/2022
who would use this 💀

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