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katienewman5  01/03/2008
candz_co  16/11/2009

This font is the font I am looking for to use in a business logo that I am designing for. I am asking your permission to use this font for all business related items of the company. You can contact me at candz_co@yahoo.com
sina309  10/12/2009
Hello, I would like to ask kind of the same question as candz_co:
me and my friend are producing little handcrafted things and cookies and we would like to give our work a name using your font for that. would that be ok?

My email is: sinastelter@yahoo.de

Thank you!
heyheykermit  15/01/2010
Hi, i am planning to use this font "akaTrivolity" for my logo, can you email me at hoiling6@yahoo.ca so we could further discuss. Thanks.
stuck  14/02/2010
Hello, I would like to use this font for my business logo. Please contact me at fmk_indigo@hotmail.com

Thank You
ktjane8  22/04/2010
Hi, I would like to see if I could get your permission to use your font in my business logo. akaFrivolity
Thank you, Katie
lisa18  20/06/2010
Gorgeous :-)
lanunemaker  14/07/2010
I, too, would like to use this font in a logo. Please contact me at lanunemaker@aol.com
LittleDream  04/01/2011
Hi, I would like to ask permission to use akaFrivolity in a business logo as well. Please contact me at esharakh@gmail.com. Thank you, Kyle
hc  13/01/2011
Hello, please email me for info on commercial usage. mizcarrano@yahoo.com
Thank you.
gincis  08/02/2011
This font is stolen from Typadelic 'Frivolous' and I'm sure it is not quite legal...?
ghhwang  14/02/2011
Hi there, I would also like to use this font in my business logo for commercial use. Please contact me at ghhwang@gmail.com
allo  16/02/2011
Voilà ce que j'ai trouvé au niveau des droits et de son auteur :

"Copyright (c) James Milligan and akaType, 2002. All rights reserved.

akaFrivolity and akaType are trademarks of James Milligan. jimdan@classicnet.net

This font was digitized by James Milligan for akaType. James Milligan does not claim to be a typeface designer.
His skills lie in the area of typeface digitization and font file cleanup.

This font is initially released as Freeware. However, it is NOT placed in the public domain. All protectable rights are reserved to James Milligan and akaType. - This font may be distributed via the Internet for FREE.

Under NO circumstances may this font be sold for a profit nor be included as part of another product or CD-ROM compilation without written permission from James Milligan or akaType.

You may install and use this font on an unlimited number of machines. - This font comes "as is" with NO warranty whatsoever.
James Milligan & akaType accept NO responsibility for any damages or loss of any kind due to the use of this font. The use of this font is solely your responsibility.

Enjoy the font!" Email : akaType@hotmail.com

En espérant avoir été utile ;)
allo  16/02/2011
Par contre Merci à gincis, en effet on peut trouver cette font sous le nom de Frivolous Regular à cette adresse http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/typadelic/frivolous/frivolous/testdrive.html pour 19$.

Alors a-t-elle été volée ?... Mystère
allo  16/02/2011
Attention, l'auteur originel est normalement Ronna Penner --> http://new.myfonts.com/person/Ronna_Penner/

Site Officiel http://www.typadelic.com/

The font http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/typadelic/frivolous/ 19$

Pour cette font magnifique 19$ ne devraient pas être un problème je pense !!
En tous cas pas pour moi ^^, surtout pour un logo.
calliegoss514  26/09/2011
HI, i would like to use this in a logo design. please email me at calliegoss@students.belhaven.edu. thanks!
madisonpaige831  06/01/2012
Hi, i would like to use this in a tattoo for my mom. Please email me at madisonpaige831@yahoo.com to let me know if im able to use it. Thanks!!
i give sport courses for young mothers with their childs and i kindly ask, if i can use your wonderful and artifical font for that? Woull that be ok for you?
Thanks in advance!
emmaP  24/03/2015
Hi there. I would like to use your font to create a watermark for my photographs. Please could you contact me ems.phelps@virgin.net to discuss further?

Thanks in advance

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