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Suggestion for expensive looking font


Mar 18, 2011 at 23:34

Roger, in all due - as usual - respect, the thousands (make that millions) of teenage girls (and grown-up[?] people's) blogs are not usually using upmarket-feeling fonts. On the contrary, here we see the usual 'Oh it is so cute!' fonts in the best cases and the usual rubbish in most cases. Yes, there are exceptions. And that is exactly why the are exceptions! I didn't link to Nymphont without a reason. Her blog is one of these exceptions.

Even if someone or you would disagree, the worn out and over-use of some font-styles in that market-segment also counts for commercial fonts as the choice is limited and the differences are to the market (the people) hardly noticeable.

Thus, for colicoid to make his/her proposal Nymphont's Champagne & Limousines would be a good starting point. If he/she wins the account then comes the time to have an exclusive created. I am pretty sure that Lauren with her feeling for this type-style could do this very well, and I think for a perfectly acceptable price. At least far by far less than what I and many others would ask.

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Mar 18, 2011 at 23:50

No worries. I love fonts in all shapes. And a good designer can really make anything work.

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