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creating fonts from symbols???

Dec 27, 2012 at 00:58

How do i create a font from symbols?? i have many symbols from various fonts ..... is there a ways to make them into one fonts??? please help me!!

Dec 27, 2012 at 20:31

anniecohen, a font made from symbols is called a dingbat font. There are hundreds available on Dafont, and thousands more available elsewhere.

When someone makes a font, they specify which image will correspond with each keystroke. If the images are not letters, numbers or punctuation, you can associate any image you want with any keyboard key you want.

If you wanted to make a composite font based on symbols found in a number of different fonts, that could be done with a font editing program, copy/ pasting from multiple fonts into a new 'blank' font, but you would anger a lot of designers if you mixed glyphs from various copyrighted sources.

If you wanted to make your own font from your own symbols, you would need a Mac version of FontCreator, Studio5, or another font editing program. I think FontCreator would allow you to import graphics, but you might have to draw them in the program, if you were using Studio5. I have both of them for Windows, but I prefer to use ScanFont 3, because it lets me make much larger symbols for my dingbat fonts, and I find that it has superior editing tools.


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