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Font Identification Leader Board


Oct 08, 2010 at 10:35

too bad, i identified Impact and Cooper Black at least 10 times each since the forum re-opened !

Oct 08, 2010 at 12:52

My cat can identify Cooper Black. Different weights count as different fonts for the Leaderboard. Impact has only one weight, so it doesn't matter if it's bold or italic.

About half of the new threads in the Font Identification forum have begun in the past month, and the other half covered the 5½ months since the new forum opened in March.

Oct 08, 2010 at 13:09

metaphasebrothel said  
My cat can identify Cooper Black.

That's normal, cats are very efficient at identifying fonts

Oct 08, 2010 at 14:42

I'm really bad at identifying fonts. The only reason I have 1 ID is because I referred the designer to Luc Devroye for font hosting. All of the ones I recognize have already been identified by other people. Maybe I could identify some Scriptoriums, but only the obvious ones.

Oct 09, 2010 at 00:15

@Rodolphe, Kats that is

Oct 09, 2010 at 07:52

Oct 15, 2010 at 12:03

Week Six update: (As at October 13, 2010 15:18)

The following identifications were disqualified, because they had been previously identified:

Rodolphe: Brush Script, Adine Kirnberg Script, Heartbreaker, Burst My Bubble, Revue, Morpheus
Menhir: Commercial Script
koeiekat: Graveblade
erpico: ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold

The following additional adjustments were made:

WhatFontis awarded one point for Monotype Bernard Condensed from this thread:

deds awarded one point for Unicorn NF from this thread:

deds awarded one point for New Circle from this thread:

deds awarded one point for Johnny from this thread:

koeiekat awarded one point for Duo-Line from this thread:

rockystress not awarded a point for identifying his own font in this thread:

Current Standings, this week's identifications in (parentheses):

Leaderboard: LW: Last Week TW: This Week

tophy52 (LW #1 TW #1) 110 IDs (6 this week)

Klingon, Script-S800, Pergamon, Mia's Scribbling, Tango, hullunkruunu, punksnotdead, Officer X, Glowworm, Engravers Gothic Bold, Wichita Black, Handel Gothic, African, Philly Sans, Heartbreaker, Major Productions NF, Commercial Script, Popstars, Saginaw, Calligrapher, Deutsch Gothic, Vampire Regular, Happy Killer, Hattenschweiler, Swiss911xcn, Blackout, 01digitall, Caxton Bold,Asrafel, N Gage, Trajan, Angelina, Saved by Zero, Prokofiev, Magnum, Bitsumishi, Duval, Blade 2, Ballantines, Libby Script, Space Age, Dare Devil, Half project logo, Creampuff, Feast of Flesh BB, BD Extrawurst, Earth, Strenuous, Grilled Cheese Cond, Soda Script Bold, Jungle Life, Grobold, Impact, Bonzai, Papyrus, Research Remix, Regular Normal, Symbol ITC, Stiff Neck, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pristina, Kaufmann Bold, FF Dax medium, Arsenale White, Lydian, 101! Star Lit, Desigers, Vivaldi, Inkburrow, BD Cartoon Shout, Handwritten Crystal, Allianz Sans, Tiranti Solid, EcuyerDax, TF Arrow Book, City Pro Medium, Frutiger 45 Light, VF Sans Condensed, Blur, Sexy Rexy, Helvetica, Compacta SB Regular, Victorian Inline Shaded, Edwardian Script, Fiolex Girls, Lucida Calligraphy, Percolator, Kismet Regular, Dali Font, Pointy, Morpheus, Herkules, Futura Heavy, Sneaker Script, Freestyle, Judas Caps, Showcard Gothic, Battlefield, Stamp Act, Omnibus, SG Garamond, Copperplate Gothic, Myriad Bold, Hessian, (914, Informal 011, Algerian, Alphamac, Knockout HTF70, Flemish Script)

koeiekat (LW #2 TW #2) 95 IDs (5 this week)

Brush Script, Mahogany Script, P22 Cezanne, Loki Cola, Poor Richard, PT Express, Mordred Demi Bold, AL Sandra, Nadianne, LD Adornment, Cataclysmic, Wolven Script, Bickley Script, Myriad Semibold, Scrawl Light, Caxton, Dark Crystal Script, Ondine, Pea Weenie, Mead Bold, Times New Roman, Bambino, Year2000Boogie, Arrière Garde, Sudestada, BD Bardust, Ginga, Giddyup, Palatino Medium, aaaiight!, Gartentika, Vag Rounded, Mathmos Original Italic, SG Brush Script SB Regular, Lithos, Bradley Hand, Henry Morgan Hand, Curly Coryphaeus, Bounce Script, LHF Billhead 1910, crazycrazy, Nomarch, Dispose Light, LHF Village, advent, Myriad Pro Condensed, Bickham Script, teen, Alexis, DigitalX, Simple Regular, Tiffany Heavy, LHF Sarah Script, Jokerman, Windsong, Mouth, Octavian, Florencesans, Glass Houses, Cyclo, Magistral Black, Circle, La Carte, Buttermilk, Caflisch Script Bold, Coiled Uncial, Authentic Ink Normal, Fenway Park, BodegaSans-BlackOldstyle, Kingthings Typewriter, Burst My Bubble, Crop Types, Garage Shock, Last Ninja, Stop, Plaza, Crackhouse, FG Alison, Pea Carrie Script, BN Stile Project, Great Circus Clean Bold, Pea Missy Cursive, Serif Gothic Black, Ultras Liberi, Party, Diode, Westway Westbound, Armor Piercing, Affair, Rondo, (Decotech, Duo-Line, Arts and Crafts Regular, Berylium, Graveblade)

Rodolphe (LW #3 TW #3) 93 IDs (15 this week)

Umbra, Raphael, Dark Crystal, Troglodyte Pop, Pricedown, TF Avian, Mondo Redondo, Y2K Neophyte, Boo Boo Kitty, Çarsi, Arnold Böcklin, SF Automaton, Cooper Black, Katzcatz KG, Action Jackson, Bergell, Frakturika, El&Font Bubble, The King and Queen, The Poison, Bank Gothic, 4Yeo Out, Porky's, The Last Font I'm Wasting On You, Osaka Sans Serif, Depraved, Stencil, 3 the Hard Way Rmx, Astronaut, VTKS Revolt, Younger Than Me, Planet Benson, Chopin Script, Sketch Block, Clementine Sketch, Freebooter Script, Lemiesz, A Charming Font (ex), Nemo, Airmole shaded, Ethnocentric, King Cool KC, Comic Sans, MS Alba, Neon, Jump Start, Revue, Kaileen, DreamScar, Anagram, Little Rickey NF, Dirtybag, Blackhawk, SkaterDudes, Rustler, Harabara, Copper Penny DTP, Bad Mofo, Mandingo, Good Girl, Nada, Tourist Trap, Fabianestem, Inked God, Aerojones NF, Pop Magic, Mad Science, Clubland, Neuropolitical, Fabulous 50's, Souper 3, Amazone, Adine Kirnberg Script, Violation, Dream Orphans Bold, akaPotsley, Low Down Cut, Mallory Maloney's Handwriting, (Frazzle, Samarkan, Renaissance, Ruach, Casual, Corleone, DJ Gross, Beyond Sky, Budmo Jiggler, Christopher Hand, The Maple Origins, Bangalore, Mizu Font Alphabet, Comic Sans Bold, Sofachrome)

vinz (LW #4 TW #4) 40 IDs (3 this week)

Hotel Coral Essex, Davida, Mistral, Halter, Myriad, Futura Black, Choc, Carpenter, Myriad Pro Italic, Arial, Xirod, Fontesque, Helvetica Black, Pis LIETZ Lindham, FF Dax, Passions Conflict, Waltograph, Candice, ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold, Supernatural Knight, Neuzeit Grotesk Black, Arial Black, Futura Condensed Extra Bold, Futura Condensed Extra Bold Oblique, Wichita Bold, Monotype Corsiva, Brock Script, A La Nage, Bleeding Cowboys, Moan Hand, Aristotle punk, ITC Machine, Bagpack, Friz Quadrata, Nioubes, Handy, Fette Fraktur, (Gotham, [ank]*, Blippo Black)

deds (LW #6 TW #5) 27 IDs (8 this week)

Secession-Afisha, Normal, P22 Da Vinci, FF Dax Bold, BN Police Regular, Legrand, HYPD BD Bardust Remix, Flower 3, N-Gage, Andes, Bombardier, Cartoon, Triplex Sans ExtraBold, Futura ND Black, Novarese Std Bold, Rough Draft, Hemi Head 426, Aachen Bold, Neuropol X, Rockwell MT, (Banco, Unicorn NF, New Circle, London, Johnny, Jerry's Handwriting, Code Light, Eurostile Ext2 Bold)

daaams (LW #5 TW #6) 23 IDs (3 this week)

Billie Barred, Scriptina, Seven Swordsmen, American Typewriter Bold, Forte Regular, Hulkbusters, Zapfino, Balloon, Atari Kids, Madredeus, Mrs Eaves Small Caps, Asenine, Arial Bold, Allstar, LPF par Eric de Berranfer, Dirt2 Soulstalker, Porcelain, Bernard MT Condensed Regular, Helvetica Bold, Futura Extra Bold, (Ourtype Sansa Light, Avant Garde Gothic, Avant Garde Gothic Alternates)

WhatFontis (LW #8 TW #7) 20 IDs (15 this week)

Future Regular, SF Grunge Sans, Baruta Black, Beware, Roundhand Black BT, (Monotype Bernard Condensed, Excalibur Logotype Normal, ITC Blackadder, Bernhard Tango, Hand of Sean, Mountain, Slant, Firefly Castle, Fineliner Script, Cookies, Lucida Handwriting Italic, Cantoria MTStd-Extra Bold It, Freehand 521, Dreaming of Lilian, Magneto Bold)

claudeserieux (LW #7 TW #8) 7 IDs

Burgues Script, Unity, Adios Script, Big Noodle Titling, Neo Sans Black, AT Benguiat Friskysee, Euclid

Heron2001 (LW#9T TW #9T) 4 IDs

Benguiat Bold Italic, Bodega Sans Medium, Plaza, ITC Avant Garde Book

danihonorato (LW #9T TW #9T) 4 IDs

Dr Carbfred, Spring, Zebra, Honey Script

erpico: (LW-- TW #9T) 4 IDs, (4 this week)

(Sauna Swash Italic, Avant Garde Bold, Lubalin Graph Book, Myriad Condensed Semibold)

snilow (LW#11T TW #12T) 3 IDs (1 this week)

Swiss 721 Extended, Optima, (Berlin Sans)

hanoded (LW-- TW #12T) 3 IDs (3 this week)

(Helvetica Hebrew Bold, Circuitry, PhontPhreak's Handwriting)

Amazingmax (LW #11T TW #14T) 2 IDs

Alice in Wonderland, Whoop Ass

JasonArthur (LW #11T TW #14T) 2 IDs

Storm Trooper, Fertigo Pro Regular

Farfadam (LW #11T TW #14T) 2 IDs

Helvetica Neue Lt Std 23 Ultra Light Extended, Geist Bold

Pathriick2801 (LW11T TW #14T) 2 IDs

Kravitz, Pirmokas

neuroman (LW #11T TW #14T) 2 IDs

Metro DF, Amputa Bangiz

dasklem (LW #17T TW #14T) 2 IDs (1 this week)

Herencia, (Titillium Text)

Sethan (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

University Roman

Schwalbenkoenig (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


Kodoichi (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Rosewood Std

Andrew2 (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Alpaca 54

chris19 (LW #15T TW #20T) 1 ID


bobistheowl (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


adfvalentine (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


brnwrck (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Viper Black

imaginaryfriend (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


KrAsH (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Black Jack

Nico78160 (LW#17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Traveling Typewriter

rsponsel (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


little-j (LW 17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Jellyka - Nathaniel, a Mystery

querubin (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

FF Typeface 6

linki2675 (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


kayla_2026 (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Calibri Bold

Menhir (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold

Dyphilla (LW17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Kipp No 1

elu (LW17T TW #20T) 1 ID

AKApplique White

ThePG (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID


Lively (LW #17T TW #20T) 1 ID

Planet Kosmos

macho (LW-- TW #20T) 1 ID (1 this week)


wawahaha (LW-- TW #20T) 1 ID (1 this week)


kurtathousandandeight (LW-- TW #20T) 1 ID (1 this week)

(Comic Andy)

mmmikey (LW-- TW #20T) 1 ID (1 this week)

(Goudy Sans Black Italic)

daKeeb (LW-- TW #20T) 1 ID (1 this week)



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