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21/06/2019 a las 00:22  [respuesta]  Font?

Does anyone know what font this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12/11/2018 a las 17:01  [post initial]  Font?

Does anyone know what font the word TACTICAL is in this picture, or what variation of font is being used?

Thanks for your time.

11/08/2016 a las 08:04  [respuesta]  Font identity help

You rock jerseygirl! The stretched our part was throwing me Thanks a million.

11/08/2016 a las 07:54  [post initial]  Font identity help

Hi everyone. Happy middle of the week. Does anyone know which font this happens to be? I have looked at hundreds of fonts and I cannot figure it out. It looks smooshed down and spaced out from the original design, but I cannot be for sure. Please help...

24/03/2016 a las 16:39  [respuesta]  no ones seems to know....


That will work! That font in a Extra Bold or Black looks very close. Trying to find this font has been crazy for me. Thanks so much for your time.

24/03/2016 a las 04:50  [respuesta]  Please help...which Font?


You rock! I don't know how you found it, but you did. Thanks a million.

22/03/2016 a las 01:32  [post initial]  Please help...which Font?

Hello everyone. For some reason I am unable to find out which font this is. Does anyone know? Thanks

20/03/2016 a las 00:04  [post initial]  no ones seems to know....

No one seems to know which font this is, but if anyone can help me find something similar in font style, that would be fantastic. Thanks

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16/10/2015 a las 09:12  [post initial]  Any help would be awesome

Does anyone happen to know which fonts are being used on this shipping label (both small top font, and the large lower font)? Thanks in advance.

29/07/2015 a las 22:29  [respuesta]  Need similar font to Real Toyz


Your right. I did not present the original question with enough detail. But again I did not feel I needed to. I was simply needing a font that was similar in looks. Thanks for your response.

29/07/2015 a las 18:39  [respuesta]  Need similar font to Real Toyz


Thanks for the quality response. I think that is a great idea. I'll try contacting him and see what he says. Thanks again

29/07/2015 a las 01:21  [respuesta]  Need similar font to Real Toyz

Are you mocking my original comment? I did not feel that I had to get into great detail in order to find help. I own the company selling the t-shirts. I had one of my employees create a t-shirt design using this font, and I need to find another font that is similar so our next t-shirt design does not have the same font. I like this font but I do not want to use the exact same font twice. This is the dilemma. I did not feel that I had to explain myself in this much detail but I guess I have to with you do gooders out there.

28/07/2015 a las 20:58  [respuesta]  Need similar font to Real Toyz


Thanks for the reply. I am not looking for something exclusive, I just need a similar font style for a new t-shirt design at my company and I do not want to use the same font that was used on a previous design, but I need something that looks similar. Can you help? Thanks

27/07/2015 a las 22:35  [respuesta]  Need similar font to Real Toyz

If anyone could help out with this that would be awesome. I have searched and searched and I cannot find anything similar. Does anyone know of any text close to this one? Thanks in advance

23/07/2015 a las 06:34  [post initial]  Need similar font to Real Toyz

I love the Real Toyz font here in DaFaont, but I need something slightly different but looks very similar to avoid using the same font as someone else. Please help

06/05/2015 a las 04:33  [respuesta]  Recoil Magazine Font Type?

Yeah, I saw the price. I will have to save up. I really want it. Thanks again.

06/05/2015 a las 01:50  [respuesta]  Recoil Magazine Font Type?

Dude! I have been looking for this font for a long time. You are right, this is it. You are AWESOME! Thanks

13/03/2015 a las 04:26  [respuesta]  Trying to find a new font


This appears to be it. Thanks for your, help your awesome.

13/03/2015 a las 04:01  [post initial]  Trying to find a new font

Can anybody please help me find this new font?

31/08/2014 a las 21:15  [respuesta]  Gunplay without lines?

koeiekat, this seems to be the closest match. Everything looks the same minus the Capital Q. Thanks so much. YOU ROCK!

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