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09/10/2017 a las 12:58  [respuesta]  Need a Font Similar to Trade Gothic...

09/10/2017 a las 12:52  [respuesta]  Similar Font to: DIN Next Rounded

02/10/2017 a las 16:45  [respuesta]  SAVANT font need for project

Fuente identificada: Copperplate

07/06/2017 a las 15:15  [respuesta]  Police d'écriture aéroport

Quelque chose comme ça ? (trouvé dans ce forum )

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03/03/2017 a las 13:52  [respuesta]  Font issues

Ok, find the solution. One of the character was misplaced causing the bounding box to expand... problem solved

03/03/2017 a las 12:06  [post initial]  Font issues

The font DJB Coffee Shoppe Espresso has a weird font bbox and is causing some trouble in css use... I tried adjusting the metrics in Fontlab but I still have this problem :
Does that ring a bell to anyone ?
Thank you

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can you provide a link to those fonts ?

20/02/2017 a las 09:32  [respuesta]  Similar font to this?

Try fox in the snow :
It is not free but the commercial license is 7$ :

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20/02/2017 a las 09:30  [respuesta]  How do Licenses work?

Dafont is a website that gather various authors and each author have different license policy. You can find almost everytime a "read me" file that contains the license agreement. If you have any doubt or You can not find the license, always try to contact the author.

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08/02/2017 a las 14:30  [respuesta]  Sueca Font

It's a custom font for the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, it means it is not available for sale.

08/02/2017 a las 10:46  [respuesta]  Misfits Font/ Rob Villareal

I tried to find some way to contact him, but no luck.
His page on luc devoye site have several links, but they are all dead
No contact info in the zip file and in the font file

08/02/2017 a las 10:36  [respuesta]  How to use with MS Word

19/10/2016 a las 14:35  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Lubalin Graph Demi

19/10/2016 a las 14:29  [respuesta]  Which's this font, please?

28/07/2016 a las 09:56  [respuesta]  Does anyone know this font, thanks

Fuente identificada: Defused

27/06/2016 a las 17:38  [respuesta]  Alice Font

Fuente identificada: Pacifico

09/06/2016 a las 10:46  [respuesta]  What Is This Font!! PLZ REPLY TODAY

Fuente identificada: Feast of Flesh BB

07/06/2016 a las 11:51  [respuesta]  Font Youtubers

Fuente identificada: Feast of Flesh BB

16/03/2016 a las 17:18  [respuesta]  What font is this?pls..

Fuente identificada: Defused

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