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Font /ff-strada/regular-italic

25/03/2018 a las 16:54

Does anyone have this font(family)? I can't find the download site.
It is not the font on the free download pages (different "a " and differente "k"), but the one in this link.
I would really appriciate if you want to share it with me.


Editado el 25/03/2018 a las 17:32 por marty666

25/03/2018 a las 17:32

it seems impossible to buy it

26/03/2018 a las 10:10

FF Strada is not available anymore :
Albert Pinggera ( is working on a new version

18/04/2018 a las 09:11

"FF Strada" as FontFont is not available anymore, but a similar version under my new Label is available:
And I am working on a new version of Strada to.

Albert Pinggera

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