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02/02/2013 a las 16:53  [respuesta]  Paradise font?

Could be a slightly altered "Blaze ITC" (?)

Fuente sugerida: Blaze

26/12/2012 a las 11:21  [respuesta]  what the font?

a bigger version would be better to check but from this small view I think it's "Gang of Three"

Fuente identificada: Gang of Three

22/12/2012 a las 14:24  [post initial]  "NINJA" font?

I think it's a very common font but I can't remember... Anyone has an idea?

19/12/2012 a las 23:25  [post initial]  Matchbox Logo Font?

anyone knows which font this is OR which is very similar? Thanks in advance!

looks handdrawn to me but you could try "The Best Night" for a similar result

Fuente sugerida: The Best Night

17/08/2012 a las 00:00  [respuesta]  Any idea on this?

looks like Benguiat bold with a thick outline which then "erased" the pointed serifs and replaced them with cornered ones...

Fuente sugerida: Benguiat Bold

like many BM logos, this is surely handdrawn and not a special font... Parts of it surely are based on gothic fonts but that's it then, I guess..

20/07/2012 a las 00:26  [respuesta]  This one

the "W" seems to be handdrawn but the "ild" is from the font Adventure

Fuente sugerida: Adventure

11/06/2012 a las 23:16  [respuesta]  please:3

here you go... It's "New Romantics"

Fuente identificada: New Romantics

26/05/2012 a las 18:42  [respuesta]  Bounty font from the 80s

trying again with a *bump*

19/05/2012 a las 00:58  [post initial]  Bounty font from the 80s

anyone knows what this old 80s Bounty font is? Thanks a big lot!!!!

15/04/2012 a las 14:48  [respuesta]  PLEASE HELP

the Hot Wheels font is "Heavy Heap"

Fuente sugerida: Heavy Heap

14/04/2012 a las 13:21  [post initial]  Saber Rider logo font?

Anyone know which font was used for this logo. I know it's warped but the letters appearing more than once look basically identical and chances might be that it's not a handdrawn font. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

14/04/2012 a las 00:59  [post initial]  RIDER font - any ideas?

couldn't find any fitting results in the "fancy" themes. anyone got an idea? Only for the "Rider" part...

14/04/2012 a las 00:56  [respuesta]  Font Name?

think it's the lower case of Geomany (minus the "i" dots)

Fuente identificada: Geomancy

13/04/2012 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  what font

seems to be a slighty altered (swagged/bulged) Nickelodeon

Fuente identificada: Nickelodeon

09/04/2012 a las 19:59  [respuesta]  Ayuda por favor !!!!

some parts (like the diagonal "line" of the R) have been slightly cropped but it should be DOCK11

Fuente identificada: Dock11

01/04/2012 a las 15:04  [respuesta]  i want this font!!!

hmm, not sure about the "Miscrits" one but some letters of "Sunfall Kingdom" are taken from the God of War font (not the "M" however)

Fuente sugerida: God Of War

15/03/2012 a las 02:00  [respuesta]  the font of old Conan movie


21/02/2012 a las 10:11  [post initial]  the font of old Conan movie

some more letters are also found in the below "The Barbarian"

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