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26/12/2012 a las 11:21   what the font?

a bigger version would be better to check but from this small view I think it's "Gang of Three"

Fuente identificada: Gang of Three

11/06/2012 a las 23:16   please:3

here you go... It's "New Romantics"

Fuente identificada: New Romantics

14/04/2012 a las 00:56   Font Name?

think it's the lower case of Geomany (minus the "i" dots)

Fuente identificada: Geomancy

13/04/2012 a las 16:57   what font

seems to be a slighty altered (swagged/bulged) Nickelodeon

Fuente identificada: Nickelodeon

some parts (like the diagonal "line" of the R) have been slightly cropped but it should be DOCK11

Fuente identificada: Dock11

here it is... enjoy...

Fuente identificada: Crown Title

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