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24/01/2012 a las 22:33  [post initial]  Fonts101

Fonts101 is a huge font database. It has loads of fonts gathered by its spiders.

It stole almost all of my fonts, and hasn't credited, acknowledged, payed the licensing fee, or left the read me files in there.

What should I do? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm super angry at them, as I only make these free-for-personal-use fonts to boost popularity of my site, The whole purpose of me creating the fonts is destroyed!
I'm probably overreacting, but I'm pretty angry at them stealing Angie Atore, Bracketeer, Dunno, Emmis, High Yield, Killer Lasagna, and Sigs, almost all of my fonts.

20/10/2011 a las 13:58  [post initial]  Fontforge help

I've been using Fontforge to construct a new font. However, when I try to generate a font, there are tons of problems with the font, especially the problem that the points are overlapping. (I imported each character from Illustrator as EPS or SVG files.)

Is there any way to solve these problems without me manually fixing each problem?


EDIT: Each of the characters in my font have overlapping points, has bad coordinates, etc.

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