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24/09/2010 a las 12:08  [respuesta]  letters getting cut off in the font Miama

@koeikat: You are a funny guy and I like funny guys and also cats. I saw that you are a typophile member for 7 years, so I guess you are ways ahead in typographic knowledge. I officialy beg you pardon that I have not checked sufficiently the font before publishing... And for yours sake: Linus Romer, the designer of the Miama, sometime also called ME, has no clue about the metrics of fonts.

24/09/2010 a las 11:39  [respuesta]  letters getting cut off in the font Miama

@ellenelle: "Is the designer aware of this problem?" - No, I am sorry.

@koeiekat: Whenever I publish a new version of Miama I have to consider many, many things, because the whole font is still under construction (as you may see easily when you compare two different versions). I also do not claim Miama to be a professional font, you have to use Miama on your own risk. The very kind SIL license give you the freedom to change things for your own use. So I am sorry for the wrong metrics but it is fine that you have come up with suggestions for changement. I will use them in a future version, as it seems like Rodolphe has already updated the font.

@rest: If you have further suggestions you can send an email directly to me, but be aware that this is only a junk email adress which is checked only about once a month. Also think of the fact, that I practically only use free software, so I simply cannot tell you anything about behaviours of Miama in commercial products.

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