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letters getting cut off in the font Miama

10/09/2010 a las 22:20

I just downloaded the font Miama and while I am able to use it, some of the tops and a lot of the bottoms of the letters get cut off. The letters that get clipped tend to be very elongated and seem not to fit what the program thinks are standard spaces for standard letters. Is there a way to fix this problem?


11/09/2010 a las 01:38

That is because Linus Romer, the designer of the Miama, has no clue about the metrics of fonts. In the version before the update the ascenders and descenders were set correctly but in the update they are way off ... which makes the thing completely useless. If you have a program to make fonts you can correct this yourself. If not ... put it where it belongs, the rubbish bin, alas.

11/09/2010 a las 02:20

ellenelle, here are the first two versions of Miama, the initial version posted on dafont on Feb 11, 2009, and the first update, from around March 10, 2009:

As far as I can tell, these were the only two versions released on dafont prior to the August 25, 2010 update with metrics anomalies. I hope one of these two will work properly for your purposes.

This link is only good for ten downloads total, so grab it while it's still available.


11/09/2010 a las 02:54

Is the designer aware of this problem? There seems to be a prohibition against posting a comment to the font page about a technical problem, is that the case?


11/09/2010 a las 04:23

ellenelle, the prohibition about comments concerning technical problems applies to every font on dafont. One person in the comments mentioned the same problem as you had, (parts of letters cut off), and koeiekat explained why this occurs. I know that a .ttf version was added in May, 2010, (it says so in the comments). I don't know what changes the designer made between the version originally posted on dafont, and the most recent update, (Aug 25, 2010). I don't have this font installed.

If you read the license for the two versions available from the rapidshare link, the designer allows people to modify the font. If you have a font editing program such as FontCreator, FontLab Studio5 or ScanFont 3, you could modify the font, by adjusting the metrics to properly set the ascenders, descenders, and, (if applicable), the side bearings. I can't help you with any of that, as my only alphabet font is monospaced, and ascenders and descenders aren't relevant for my dingbats.

One of the people who left a comment said they had problems using Miama in Publisher. It's possible that the font, as is, works properly in some applications, but not in others.

Here's one more version of Miama. I believe this was the May, 2010 update, since replaced by the current version. One of the three older versions may work properly for you


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11/09/2010 a las 09:46

Ok it has been updated today

PS. There's no "prohibition" at all for posting about technical problems like that, it's only written "Comments about installation troubles will be deleted", which concerns comments like "How to download ? How to use it?? Help Help Help!!!!!!" (that have nothing to do in the font comments)

11/09/2010 a las 13:00

That update makes it more usable but it still doesn't work for glyphs $0241 and $02BD. The dot will still be cut off. The ascenders should be set at 858 minimally, better at 866, now 714 and 754. The descenders would be better at minimally -600, better -606, now -533 and -598. The little bit extra on both for the line gap although that is only 6.

11/09/2010 a las 13:43

Ok thank you I've set your values and re-uploaded it.

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11/09/2010 a las 16:11

Thanks, everyone. It's working fine now for me also.


24/09/2010 a las 11:39

@ellenelle: "Is the designer aware of this problem?" - No, I am sorry.

@koeiekat: Whenever I publish a new version of Miama I have to consider many, many things, because the whole font is still under construction (as you may see easily when you compare two different versions). I also do not claim Miama to be a professional font, you have to use Miama on your own risk. The very kind SIL license give you the freedom to change things for your own use. So I am sorry for the wrong metrics but it is fine that you have come up with suggestions for changement. I will use them in a future version, as it seems like Rodolphe has already updated the font.

@rest: If you have further suggestions you can send an email directly to me, but be aware that this is only a junk email adress which is checked only about once a month. Also think of the fact, that I practically only use free software, so I simply cannot tell you anything about behaviours of Miama in commercial products.

24/09/2010 a las 11:57

The fault must be my side. My way of thinking must be wrong. My thinking that one checks before one publishes must be from another world. My wrong, sorry. On the other hand ... isn't this what makes The Kat unique?

24/09/2010 a las 12:08

@koeikat: You are a funny guy and I like funny guys and also cats. I saw that you are a typophile member for 7 years, so I guess you are ways ahead in typographic knowledge. I officialy beg you pardon that I have not checked sufficiently the font before publishing... And for yours sake: Linus Romer, the designer of the Miama, sometime also called ME, has no clue about the metrics of fonts.

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