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The Vibe Guide font - Retro, 70's looking

06/11/2012 a las 00:53

Need to know this font. Used by The Vibe Guide.
Retro looking, like from the 70's.
I have found very similar ones but they are all rounded and this one has straight square text and ends.
Any help would be great

The Vibe Guide font - Retro, 70's looking

Fuente identificada

Disco Diva  Sugerido por frd 

06/11/2012 a las 09:31

Fuente identificada: Disco Diva

06/11/2012 a las 09:44

Thank-you so much! I've been looking everywhere on this site and didn't think to look in the groovy section :P

06/11/2012 a las 10:14

You're welcome

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