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Does this font work in Microsoft Office??

29/09/2012 a las 03:01

I really want to have the Skinny font on my computer to use for school projects, but I'm technologically challenged so I can't figure out how to use it or install it or whatever. If someone knows how to help me it would be extremely appreciated.

I dunno if it helps, but this is the link to the font:

29/09/2012 a las 03:12

Did you read FAQ? It says everything there. If yes, I'll explain more here.

29/09/2012 a las 04:48

I read the faq... but I did what it said and it didn't work... :/ Maybe I did it wrong.

29/09/2012 a las 10:38

29/09/2012 a las 22:05

I feel really stupid right now... It didn't work, I pressed the download button, and tried getting whatever .ttp thing in there buttt.... nothing happened

30/09/2012 a las 02:39

Dragging (if that's what you are doing) it to the font menu won't work - you have to install it. Find the font file in your hardrive, right click it, click install, and ta-da! It's on your font menu in WORD (I assume that's what you are using.)

30/09/2012 a las 17:45

Just have to read and apply what's in the FAQ.

30/09/2012 a las 23:52

If it doesn't work, there might be a problem with your computer.

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