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30/05/2010 a las 05:23

I need to know what font this is


Probablemente no es una fuente

30/05/2010 a las 05:25

actually, I know it's 2 different fonts, and I would like to know both of them please.

30/05/2010 a las 09:27

Have to disappoint you Margo, this is the ancient art of handwriting.

30/05/2010 a las 16:25

really? Because I've seen this used all over the place by multiple people :/

30/05/2010 a las 19:59

Maybe but all the letters that are the same are different :
a, e, s, p, n, y...
So it's handmade.

31/05/2010 a las 00:23

damn...well if anyone can find a similar font or something, please let me know.

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