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GW Font Please?

26/05/2012 a las 08:54

Help me please!!

GW Font Please?

Fuentes sugeridas

Chalet Tokyo  Sugerido por Cookie_Glambert 
Chalet Paris 1970  Sugerido por Brendys 
Cleancut  Sugerido por SweetSweat 
Britney Spears FF  Sugerido por Zoey900 

30/05/2012 a las 10:42

There is no key in front that was added by whoever designed Gwens album cover.
Also the e was changed for her logo.
Fuente sugerida: Chalet Tokyo

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30/05/2012 a las 19:03

Britney Spears FF?
Fuente sugerida: Britney Spears FF

30/05/2012 a las 21:05

The name is : chalet paris 1970, is a commercial font
Fuente sugerida: Chalet Paris 1970

Editado el 30/05/2012 a las 21:14 por Brendys

31/05/2012 a las 01:39

I knew It is a chalet font so whoever doestn't agree you should try looking at the preview of Gwen Stefani's name!

11/04/2013 a las 19:11

It is a custom logo inspired from a font called Cleancut
Fuente sugerida: Cleancut

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