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help me find the font please

05/04/2021 a las 15:47

Hello. Ive already found out that this font is custom made, but apparently you can get access to it by going trough game files on your computer and since I am a mobile player, I can't do it so I am asking, if any of genshin players here could help me out and send me media fire link with this font, I'd appreciate that a lot!

help me find the font please

Fuente sugerida

HYWenHei-85W Heavy  Sugerido por gaidendistopy 

06/10/2021 a las 00:26

Font Information
HYWenHei-85W Heavy
Version 1.00;July 20, 2020;FontCreator 32-bit
True Type Font
© Copyright Beijing HANYI KEYIN Information Technology Co.
Fuente sugerida: HYWenHei-85W Heavy

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