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unable to unzip a folder--spent 3 days now and nothing works


03/04/2012 a las 18:00

Happy to help!

05/04/2012 a las 00:29

No wonder his computer was acting like that. I wasn't rude or anything. I'm also another younger computer expert. Not 100% expert, but I was able to help. I knew there was something wrong with the system.
@mthole505: By the way, what did you with your old laptop?

05/04/2012 a las 03:18

Haven't done anything with the old one yet. The hard drive is out of it right now. Since it is very old, am not sure there is anything I can do except turn it in to the quarterly computer stuff recycling we have. I think it is actually closer to 5 yrs old, so not sure if any parts are even salvageable.

05/04/2012 a las 03:42

I guess there's nothing you can do with it. Let's just say one day your new computer will probably end up like your old one. Technology is not easy at first, but it will be when you get into it. My desktop is 7 years old & still works. The fonts may work fine on a new computer.

My OS: XP Home Edition
Nothing happens when I unzip a font
I don't use IE much anymore. Browser: Firefox

BTW, how DID the system on your old computer get messed up in the first place?

05/04/2012 a las 08:31

Samuraijackass you're boring...

05/04/2012 a las 10:29

Oh shit! that was fun ! Especially the "consumer service" part

05/04/2012 a las 10:39

05/04/2012 a las 21:09

@drf_: How did you do this?
@daaams: I am NOT!

06/04/2012 a las 00:09

samuraijacksgirl4ever ha dicho  
@drf_: How did you do this?

With ease

06/04/2012 a las 01:49

Please tell me HOW you did it!

06/04/2012 a las 09:22

@Koeiekat :

06/04/2012 a las 21:41

Koeiekat, tell me already!!!

06/04/2012 a las 21:43

If you mess with Koeiekat, your brain is going to melt as if you're trying to read Yugoslavian literature. Best advice, open a Myspace account and get lost.

06/04/2012 a las 22:51

Nah ... I am always - suitable - nice ...

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