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Windows 7 64-bit compatibility problems?

13/02/2012 a las 22:23

I downloaded fonts to use in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and I have a 64-bit platform. The fonts I downloaded are causing Photoshop to cash whenever I try to use the font tool. Are there compatible fonts for me? Or at least, is there any way to see which fonts ARE compatible? Thanks!!

13/02/2012 a las 22:24

"CRASH" not cash...

13/02/2012 a las 23:57

mandeloo ha dicho  
Windows 7 64-bit compatibility problems?

I downloaded fonts ...

How accurate can one be.

09/04/2012 a las 12:25

Hello Friends

this problem is commonly occurred due to the windows 7 compatibility friend for solving this problem the best way this updating the your software version and we careful that on time of choosing your software for your operating system ....

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10/04/2012 a las 19:03

I.. what?

I've been using Windows 64-Bit since it's release, effectively, and I've NEVER run into a compatibility issue for Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Office. Fonts are just data-files, the 'number of bits' in the OS shouldn't make a difference to loading them.

The only exceptions to this are when there's something wrong with the font file itself and the specific software can't handle displaying it for some reason. In this case, you really need to say WHAT fonts you downloaded and specifically what programs you were trying to use them in.

10/04/2012 a las 19:48

It is commonly known that we are masters in throwing bones and reading bolls. Thus the poster feels no need to tell what it is actually talking about. 'downloaded fonts' to this pool-ball is, logically, more than enough info. The rest is up to us.

Or not ...

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