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need help?

16/06/2018 a las 09:53

Hello everyone my friend told me you can get cool fonts here for your youtube channel thumbnails but I dont understand how people manage to get it on there thumbnails? because everytime I download a font it asks me to install the font with notepad so I can only use that font in notepad if someone can kind of point me in the right direction and explain because I am confused I want to use this in my youtube thumbnails but I dont know how people manage to use it because I can only open the font in notepad once its downloaded how do you transfer the font you wanna use onto your youtube thumbnails? thanks.

17/06/2018 a las 17:22

Install a font :

It seems there's something wrong with your computer.
It seems the default program to open TTF files is set to Notepad for some reason. You should change that

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